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Retire Confidently Process

Do you know how much money you need to retire? Do you understand the impact of stock market losses on your retirement income plan? Do you have the appropriate savings and investment strategy to reach your goals? We have created the Retire Confidently Process to answer these questions and more.


Most of us need a little help in getting our finances organized.  What if you could organize all your financial decisions into one simple plan?  An Asset-Map is a visual tool to help facilitate meaningful financial conversations and  make better informed decisions.  A picture is worth a thousand words and an Asset-Map helps us understand your unique needs.

Retire Confidently Score

How do you really know if you are on track to reach your retirement goals?  Our Retire Confidently Score is a simple way to help you gauge how likely you are to reach your goals and whether you are on track.  We put your retirement plan through historical "stress tests" for us to feel confident that it will work across various market cycles.

Risk Number

Did you know investors are twice as concerned about avoiding losses than they are they are about achieving potential gains?  That's one reason why investors tend to sabotage their own investing -- selling when they get scared, missing the recovery, and buying back in when markets "feel safe" again. Your unique Risk Number helps us determine how much risk you are comfortable with and how much risk is in your portfolio.

One Page Roadmap

What good is your retirement plan if it is too overwhelming or intimidating?  To keep things simple, we summarize your results and our recommendations on a One Page Roadmap.  We will clearly answer many important questions including: Can you afford to retire? Can your portfolio be improved? Can you eliminate, or at least reduce threats to your retirement?  When you understand what you need to do, it's easier to take action.

Ongoing Guidance

Finally, we provide ongoing guidance to make sure you stay on track.  Each year we update your plan, and see where you are relative to where you should be. We then can help you make any needed adjustments. It’s a disciplined process, but it’s also flexible enough to accommodate all the things that happen in life.  We offer a digital dashboard that helps you monitor your plan with your own secure personal website.   

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