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Investment Management in Minneapolis, MN

Our approach emphasizes the importance of prudent risk management. Striving to avoid losses when markets are down is an important part of investment success. We use a proprietary mix of market, economic and behavioral indicators to help in our approach.

Market Trends

An important screening process for any investor is identifying the current major trend of an investment market. Major trends help determine the appropriate strategies we identify for our clients.

Economic Indicators

Investors should also understand the economic “big picture”. Before investment decisions are made we always check the economic weather reports. We monitor several economic indicators to help assess which way the economic winds are blowing.

Behavioral Indicators

Emotion is the irrational component of investing and may negatively influence decision making. For example, “herd” instinct is when investors tend to follow the crowd, buying at times of extreme optimism or selling at times of extreme pessimism. Our investment approach can help avoid the negative emotions that may reduce portfolio returns.